imageΩ Part 3 in this awesome saga of ohm made sauce……next up is “dragon berry” 🐉🐲

So the 3rd juice we tried was dragon berry, we could take a guess at this flava and this isn’t mr v’s flava profile so this one is over to Mrs v ( it’s good to have two views on juices )

The juice came in the 10ml bottle and was clear in colour, and when you open the bottle for the smell test the dragon fruit is very detectable ( a bit strong ) with the under tones of the berry ( I like me a dragon fruit) with a slight cream there so again new cotton and on we go…….

this juice really surprised me, as I said the dragon fruit smell was quite strong on the smell test but on 1st inhale it’s the berries that shine through with a touch of cream to take away the sharpness then on exhale there it was the big bad dragon flava reared up with an awesome taste, surprised but love the freshness of this it definitely a beach vape, SUN SEA SAND AND DRAGON BERRY, this bottle was gone in a day just couldn’t put it down, transport yourself to a beach with this juice😎😎

This juice is a slightly different vg/pg this one a 70/30 which is my preference (I like a small throat hit compared to mr v who loves his clouds) but you still get awesome clouds, the bottles have the same warnings and your vg/pg is clearly marked on the bag it arrives in

would Mrs v buy this off the shelf? Of course I really enjoyed this juice very refreshing loved it, great fruit flava one to enjoy!!!  However I can’t find this flavour on the website today…..wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sold out – it’s that good!

another great flava billy your line is Fantastic!  Well done!  If you decide to buy any of these juices we assure you will not be disappointed!!Ω


Ohm Made Sauce

imageΩ part 2 of our 3 part ohm made sauce review, quick recap, we were sent 3 new flavas to try from ohm made sauce, check out our last review of their red eye sauce line #yummy

the 2nd juice we tried was called “Gryphon sauce” (just thought of Harry Potter there 🙄) the web site states this as “with a creamy bakery undertone this vape sauce lures you onto the road of torment. Somewhere down that road is the gryphon waiting amongst the bramble and berries” wow should We be scared of going there?

new cotton on the RDA (prefer new cotton on new juices) and on we go………….. 1st vape……….if Carlsberg ever did a vape juice for mr V – holy crap this could be it!

it really is a very subtle bakery taste  -almost creamy scone like, with a twist of ice cream wafers then this steam train of sweet berries comes rushing through and by God… the flava of the berries I can really taste at the roof and back of my mouth dancing on my tongue and it tingles 😍😍 it is sweet mind but it really unexpected even though it says in the description, the flavours aren’t mashed together you can pin point them out this is crazy good, really highly recommended by mr V. Gryphon Sauce you are TANK BOUND mmmmmmmmm

80/20 vg/pg mix comes in the same bottle style as red eye and has the usual warnings and nic level on the bottle

would I buy this again? Try and stop me I love this juice very tasty refreshing all day vape juice for me, if you enjoy a surprise get this juice (Mrs V ain’t getting any of this one!)

billy my friend that is a quality vape – take a bow! 👍👌👊Ω


Ohm Made Sauce

image Ω Today we received 3 new flavas from a company called ohm made sauce, who are based in Glasgow,Scotland , and run by billy ( his bio is on his website )

the 3 flavas we received have very quirky names, gryphon sauce , dragon berry and red eye sauce ( think billy is still undecided about the last name ), so we went for that one 1st, the 10ml bottles we got are the squishy plastic ones (prefer these to the hard plastic ones less squeezing 👍)

red eye sauce:- the profile for this one on the website had me going for this, does this not sound delicious “Bavarian cream with raspberry purée drizzled in a white chocolate and caramel sauce” that to me sounds awesome

the juice is clear no colour to it, upon opening the bottle and doing the usual sniff test  ( you all know what we mean ) the Bavarian cream is very evident and you can sense the under tones of the White chocolate but couldn’t smell the raspberry which surprised me I thought that would be the the stronger flava

so new coils on the RDA and new cotton and on we go, the 1st vape the creamy inhale is to die for, the Bavarian is very much at the front of this flava and it feels like it’s coating my mouth with delicious cream, on the exhale it gets creamier again but with chocolate and a hint of caramel (omg this is yummy) but couldn’t taste the raspberry so took another pull on it and the second taste it gets even creamier (how is that even possible) then on the exhale I get the raspberry in the background, very subtle around all the creamy goodness 👍, I feel it leaves a very creamy hot chocolate after taste which isn’t over powering, Vaped this juice for a bit and I kept expecting to see a bunch of cats at the window smelling the cream 👍👍 definitely a night vape

this is a 80/20 vg/pg mix and the massive clouds you get off this juice would even make the ‘big man upstairs’ jealous!😜, the bottles have the born on date and nic levels and come in a small snap bag which clearly show what flavas you have ,vg/pg ratio (great personal touch)  and website details, the website is very easy to navigate and the juice is priced very reasonable 10mls for £5 but if you buy 10 it is £3.50 a bottle ( absolute bargain) the bottles have all the usual warnings

would I buy this again after today test……. Most definitely!  the creaminess to it just makes me purrrrrrr love this flava, if you like a creamy vape and looking for a nice chocolate vape (Mrs V has been looking for a nice chocolate vape think she’s found one) look no further than red eye go check them out

hats off to you billy you have created creamy heavenΩ

Johnnys shakes strawberry cheesecake

imageΩNow we weren’t going to do review on this juice as we won this through a Twitter competition but mr Vapes was sooooooooooo impressed with this one he just had to let everyone else know

now I’m a bit of a strawberry and cream snob (certainly not a snob in anything else 😂) and don’t like Vapes that are too strawberry, but love creamy Vapes the creamer the better (Mrs v is not a fan at all of creamy Vapes and can bear strawberry if that’s all that’s there)

it arrived in a 100ml bottle and also came with an empty 30ml dripper bottle which I thought was such a good touch well done to you johnnys

so opening the bottle the juice is a light yellow colour almost golden and you can really smell the strawberry but even with smell you can really notice the creamy flava too, so didn’t hesitate in putting into my tank (normally use my RDA for tasting 1st) tfv4 micro with a dual Clapton let it soak in for the usual 5mins bunged it up to 40w for 1st vape

and holy moly the strawberry and cream coats your tongue on the inhale then it’s strawberry cheesecake on the exhale wow I’m in vape juice heaven, strawberry not overwhelming just perfect dripping in cream,cheesecake taste lingers on you tongue on exhale (I’m in love with vape juice)

as i said earlier this is not and I mean NOT Mrs Vapes taste profile one bit she’s more citrusy kinda girl, I gave her a taste when she got home from work and it’s now in her goddam tank too (booo that means less for me gutted). I can honestly say (and we are all about 100% honest reviews/opinion) that this is probably one of if not the best strawberry cream cheesecake I’ve ever tried, this WILL be my new all day vape and I’m going to have to restock on this juice because 100mls won’t last me long, I went through 4 tanks of it yesterday (20mls) and she likes it 😡😜

its a 70/30 vg/pg mix which is CLEARLY marked on the bottle (just wish every company did this) produces nice big clouds, has all the usual warnings on the bottle and made in the UK with a expire date and batch number, the website is very easy to navigate and the price for the juice is very very reasonable


would I buy this off the shelf? Hell yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees (I want every bottle they have 😂) if you like your strawberry creamy Vapes then trust us this juice is for you

BIG KUDOS TO YOU JOHNNYS SHAKES, can’t wait to try the rest of your line Ω


Diamond mist review

imageWe were lucky enough to be sent “toonz” by vape distribution @official_VDL for review

Toonz- now I don’t know if you get them in the USA but this juice smells and Vapes of tunes cough sweet hence the name then lol

nice and strong blackcurrant with the under tones of cherry on the inhale then like project x the menthol is strong on the exhale this tastes just like the tunes sweets

just like project x this would be a awesome juice if you are loaded with the flu, or if you like menthol Vapes this will be right up your street

30/70 vg pg, feel it could show this more clearly on the box or bottle instead of having to check out the website, all the usual warnings of the box and bottle with a born and exp date clearly marked

would we buy it off the shelf? Probably not as its not our flava profile but blackcurrant menthol Vapers you really need to try this

Would say “toonz” is our fav between that and project x


Diamond mist ejuice review

imageSo we were sent 2 flavaz from our friends at vape distribution @official_VDL (massive big thank you) diamond mist “project x” and “toonz”.

Project x- we were told that this is like Heisenberg but we’ve never tried that so we can’t compare, but upon opening the bottle the strong smell hits you boom in the face as only as I can describe as “halls soother cough sweets”, new coil and cotton put in the RDA and a few drops of project x

1st inhale is definetly blue slush puppy but then the menthol hits you like a freight train.  Very pleasent and kinda feels like it’s coated our youngest and cleaned out our mouths.  When we switched back to our mods with other juice we can still taste that menthol – like you’ve gargles with mouthwash but much more pleasent!

Neither of us are menthol lovers but still enjoyed the vape, We can assure you when the cold bug or dreaded man flu invades our house this vape will be an absolute lifesaver.

if your a fan of menthol Vapes def give this a whirl, and if your not then stock some in for your next sick bug!

30/70 vg/pg mix which again isn’t our preference , doesn’t state on the bottle vg/pg mix but does have a break down of everything on the box, all the usual warnings on the box and exp date

would we buy this off the shelf probably not because of the profile but menthol Vapers will love this

American Desire sure shot

We’ve learned an important lesson as new reviewers today – always, Always, ALWAYS try new eliquids in an RDA 1st BEFORE you fill your MOD tank with it, certainly learned that lesson the hard way today!

Vampire Vapes kindly sent us this 30ml for free via a Twitter giveaway, they also let us pick any flavour so not holding them responsible for this experience, we’ve Vapes juices from vampire before and always been impressed so this review is not negative of the brand.  However we will always review with 100% honesty………..

Don’t like this juice at all, first juice that we’ve ever “sink dumped the tank” cos we just couldn’t vape it!

Sure Shot is described as “an American style candy flavour with a fizzy sherbet twist perfect for sugar junkies”. We have been to America, we have tasted the candy and this is nothing like it!  It smells like described, sweet and sugary but on the first vape we knew something was very wrong.  The taste is overwhelmingly perfume like, very chemically and specifically worse when you exhale through your nose.  It was so bad we had to dump the juice out after a few mins.

As we said at the start, we were daft enough to put this straight into Mrs Vapes nebox tank (so confident that she’d like it) the perfume chemically taste was so strong that after dumping the juice out and refilling the tank with a different juice you could STILL taste it, so had to changed the coil too – even then the taste was still identifiable although bareable, just!

Honestly don’t know if we’ve been unlucky and got a bad batch as the chemical,artificial flavour tastes so wrong (Granpa Vapes also tried it and hated it – and he will literally vape anything!). The bottle dropper was also a bit dodgy to use so this is maybe a one off?

We have the remainder of the juice here, only a few mil’s out of the 30ml bottle and would be happy to pass it on to a fellow vaper for a 2nd opinion – any takers?

On the plus side, the juice arrived very quickly via great service from Vampire Vapes, the bottle is well presented and juice a nice dark orange colour, it’s 65vg 35pg creates some decent clouds – visually it’s a great product but not a taste experience we’ll be looking to repeat any time soon!

We did promise honest reviews folks, this one is as honest as your gonna get!