American Desire sure shot

We’ve learned an important lesson as new reviewers today – always, Always, ALWAYS try new eliquids in an RDA 1st BEFORE you fill your MOD tank with it, certainly learned that lesson the hard way today!

Vampire Vapes kindly sent us this 30ml for free via a Twitter giveaway, they also let us pick any flavour so not holding them responsible for this experience, we’ve Vapes juices from vampire before and always been impressed so this review is not negative of the brand.  However we will always review with 100% honesty………..

Don’t like this juice at all, first juice that we’ve ever “sink dumped the tank” cos we just couldn’t vape it!

Sure Shot is described as “an American style candy flavour with a fizzy sherbet twist perfect for sugar junkies”. We have been to America, we have tasted the candy and this is nothing like it!  It smells like described, sweet and sugary but on the first vape we knew something was very wrong.  The taste is overwhelmingly perfume like, very chemically and specifically worse when you exhale through your nose.  It was so bad we had to dump the juice out after a few mins.

As we said at the start, we were daft enough to put this straight into Mrs Vapes nebox tank (so confident that she’d like it) the perfume chemically taste was so strong that after dumping the juice out and refilling the tank with a different juice you could STILL taste it, so had to changed the coil too – even then the taste was still identifiable although bareable, just!

Honestly don’t know if we’ve been unlucky and got a bad batch as the chemical,artificial flavour tastes so wrong (Granpa Vapes also tried it and hated it – and he will literally vape anything!). The bottle dropper was also a bit dodgy to use so this is maybe a one off?

We have the remainder of the juice here, only a few mil’s out of the 30ml bottle and would be happy to pass it on to a fellow vaper for a 2nd opinion – any takers?

On the plus side, the juice arrived very quickly via great service from Vampire Vapes, the bottle is well presented and juice a nice dark orange colour, it’s 65vg 35pg creates some decent clouds – visually it’s a great product but not a taste experience we’ll be looking to repeat any time soon!

We did promise honest reviews folks, this one is as honest as your gonna get!


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