Diamond mist ejuice review

imageSo we were sent 2 flavaz from our friends at vape distribution @official_VDL (massive big thank you) diamond mist “project x” and “toonz”.

Project x- we were told that this is like Heisenberg but we’ve never tried that so we can’t compare, but upon opening the bottle the strong smell hits you boom in the face as only as I can describe as “halls soother cough sweets”, new coil and cotton put in the RDA and a few drops of project x

1st inhale is definetly blue slush puppy but then the menthol hits you like a freight train.  Very pleasent and kinda feels like it’s coated our youngest and cleaned out our mouths.  When we switched back to our mods with other juice we can still taste that menthol – like you’ve gargles with mouthwash but much more pleasent!

Neither of us are menthol lovers but still enjoyed the vape, We can assure you when the cold bug or dreaded man flu invades our house this vape will be an absolute lifesaver.

if your a fan of menthol Vapes def give this a whirl, and if your not then stock some in for your next sick bug!

30/70 vg/pg mix which again isn’t our preference , doesn’t state on the bottle vg/pg mix but does have a break down of everything on the box, all the usual warnings on the box and exp date

would we buy this off the shelf probably not because of the profile but menthol Vapers will love this


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