Diamond mist review

imageWe were lucky enough to be sent “toonz” by vape distribution @official_VDL for review

Toonz- now I don’t know if you get them in the USA but this juice smells and Vapes of tunes cough sweet hence the name then lol

nice and strong blackcurrant with the under tones of cherry on the inhale then like project x the menthol is strong on the exhale this tastes just like the tunes sweets

just like project x this would be a awesome juice if you are loaded with the flu, or if you like menthol Vapes this will be right up your street

30/70 vg pg, feel it could show this more clearly on the box or bottle instead of having to check out the website, all the usual warnings of the box and bottle with a born and exp date clearly marked

would we buy it off the shelf? Probably not as its not our flava profile but blackcurrant menthol Vapers you really need to try this

Would say “toonz” is our fav between that and project x



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