Johnnys shakes strawberry cheesecake

imageΩNow we weren’t going to do review on this juice as we won this through a Twitter competition but mr Vapes was sooooooooooo impressed with this one he just had to let everyone else know

now I’m a bit of a strawberry and cream snob (certainly not a snob in anything else 😂) and don’t like Vapes that are too strawberry, but love creamy Vapes the creamer the better (Mrs v is not a fan at all of creamy Vapes and can bear strawberry if that’s all that’s there)

it arrived in a 100ml bottle and also came with an empty 30ml dripper bottle which I thought was such a good touch well done to you johnnys

so opening the bottle the juice is a light yellow colour almost golden and you can really smell the strawberry but even with smell you can really notice the creamy flava too, so didn’t hesitate in putting into my tank (normally use my RDA for tasting 1st) tfv4 micro with a dual Clapton let it soak in for the usual 5mins bunged it up to 40w for 1st vape

and holy moly the strawberry and cream coats your tongue on the inhale then it’s strawberry cheesecake on the exhale wow I’m in vape juice heaven, strawberry not overwhelming just perfect dripping in cream,cheesecake taste lingers on you tongue on exhale (I’m in love with vape juice)

as i said earlier this is not and I mean NOT Mrs Vapes taste profile one bit she’s more citrusy kinda girl, I gave her a taste when she got home from work and it’s now in her goddam tank too (booo that means less for me gutted). I can honestly say (and we are all about 100% honest reviews/opinion) that this is probably one of if not the best strawberry cream cheesecake I’ve ever tried, this WILL be my new all day vape and I’m going to have to restock on this juice because 100mls won’t last me long, I went through 4 tanks of it yesterday (20mls) and she likes it 😡😜

its a 70/30 vg/pg mix which is CLEARLY marked on the bottle (just wish every company did this) produces nice big clouds, has all the usual warnings on the bottle and made in the UK with a expire date and batch number, the website is very easy to navigate and the price for the juice is very very reasonable


would I buy this off the shelf? Hell yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees (I want every bottle they have 😂) if you like your strawberry creamy Vapes then trust us this juice is for you

BIG KUDOS TO YOU JOHNNYS SHAKES, can’t wait to try the rest of your line Ω



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