Ohm Made Sauce

imageΩ part 2 of our 3 part ohm made sauce review, quick recap, we were sent 3 new flavas to try from ohm made sauce, check out our last review of their red eye sauce line #yummy

the 2nd juice we tried was called “Gryphon sauce” (just thought of Harry Potter there 🙄) the web site states this as “with a creamy bakery undertone this vape sauce lures you onto the road of torment. Somewhere down that road is the gryphon waiting amongst the bramble and berries” wow should We be scared of going there?

new cotton on the RDA (prefer new cotton on new juices) and on we go………….. 1st vape……….if Carlsberg ever did a vape juice for mr V – holy crap this could be it!

it really is a very subtle bakery taste  -almost creamy scone like, with a twist of ice cream wafers then this steam train of sweet berries comes rushing through and by God… the flava of the berries I can really taste at the roof and back of my mouth dancing on my tongue and it tingles 😍😍 it is sweet mind but it really unexpected even though it says in the description, the flavours aren’t mashed together you can pin point them out this is crazy good, really highly recommended by mr V. Gryphon Sauce you are TANK BOUND mmmmmmmmm

80/20 vg/pg mix comes in the same bottle style as red eye and has the usual warnings and nic level on the bottle

would I buy this again? Try and stop me I love this juice very tasty refreshing all day vape juice for me, if you enjoy a surprise get this juice (Mrs V ain’t getting any of this one!)


billy my friend that is a quality vape – take a bow! 👍👌👊Ω


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