Ohm Made Sauce

image Ω Today we received 3 new flavas from a company called ohm made sauce, who are based in Glasgow,Scotland , and run by billy ( his bio is on his website )

the 3 flavas we received have very quirky names, gryphon sauce , dragon berry and red eye sauce ( think billy is still undecided about the last name ), so we went for that one 1st, the 10ml bottles we got are the squishy plastic ones (prefer these to the hard plastic ones less squeezing 👍)

red eye sauce:- the profile for this one on the website had me going for this, does this not sound delicious “Bavarian cream with raspberry purée drizzled in a white chocolate and caramel sauce” that to me sounds awesome

the juice is clear no colour to it, upon opening the bottle and doing the usual sniff test  ( you all know what we mean ) the Bavarian cream is very evident and you can sense the under tones of the White chocolate but couldn’t smell the raspberry which surprised me I thought that would be the the stronger flava

so new coils on the RDA and new cotton and on we go, the 1st vape the creamy inhale is to die for, the Bavarian is very much at the front of this flava and it feels like it’s coating my mouth with delicious cream, on the exhale it gets creamier again but with chocolate and a hint of caramel (omg this is yummy) but couldn’t taste the raspberry so took another pull on it and the second taste it gets even creamier (how is that even possible) then on the exhale I get the raspberry in the background, very subtle around all the creamy goodness 👍, I feel it leaves a very creamy hot chocolate after taste which isn’t over powering, Vaped this juice for a bit and I kept expecting to see a bunch of cats at the window smelling the cream 👍👍 definitely a night vape

this is a 80/20 vg/pg mix and the massive clouds you get off this juice would even make the ‘big man upstairs’ jealous!😜, the bottles have the born on date and nic levels and come in a small snap bag which clearly show what flavas you have ,vg/pg ratio (great personal touch)  and website details, the website is very easy to navigate and the juice is priced very reasonable 10mls for £5 but if you buy 10 it is £3.50 a bottle ( absolute bargain) the bottles have all the usual warnings

would I buy this again after today test……. Most definitely!  the creaminess to it just makes me purrrrrrr love this flava, if you like a creamy vape and looking for a nice chocolate vape (Mrs V has been looking for a nice chocolate vape think she’s found one) look no further than red eye

http://www.ohmmadesauce.com go check them out

hats off to you billy you have created creamy heavenΩ


2 thoughts on “Ohm Made Sauce

  1. Thanks Guys, One point though and it really is me (Ohm Made Sauce) that was at fault. There was a little glitch on the product pages. The reasonable 10mls for £5 is correct, but if you buy 10 it is £1.50 a bottle. That’s my bad. Programming should have been reducing the price by £1.50, It worked well reducing prices on all other combos just not that one. It’s fixed now. so all juice pages read buy 10 @ £3.50 i.e. 100ml for £35.00.

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