Mr and Mrs Vapes…………

So we made the switch to vaping in September 2015 – best decision we ever made!  We met 17 years ago (married for 10) and were both smokers on about a pack a day each.  Like most we often thought about giving it up and attempted it a couple of times using patches, gum, tablets etc.  Never stuck at it more than a few days and were cranky as a couple of constipated bears so soon went back to the cigs!

in September last year though, we were going on holiday soon but were pretty skint as usual (normal family, normal income), a pack of cigarettes here costs around £8.70 that’s €11 or $12 and we were buying 2 packs a day!  Furthermore a new vapour shop opened in our home town (vapourized you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts!) Granpa Vapes had been using an ecig for 2 years, our 2 young sons were starting to guilt trip us about health risks (damn school health classes lol)……it was like the planets aligning……it was our time!

we went to the vape shop on the high street and both got knitted out with the basics – 2 e pens, Chargers and tobacco eliguid 18mgs!  I read something on a poster in the vape shop that has stayed with us and helped our mindset

“don’t think of it as giving up smoking, it’s just switching to vaping”

had our first vape on the way home and can hand on heart tell you neither of us has even considered smoking a cigarette since – result!  Honestly don’t feel like we’ve given anything up, we get what we thought we needed from cigarettes plus so much more!  We smell better, have more cash, making our kids proud the list goes on!

The best bit is vaping is fun, it’s cool and the vape community have welcomed us with open arms!  #vapefam

we’ve obvs progressed now on to glorious mods, rda’s, coil building and trying out new juice flavours (tobacco ones are vomit inducing now! Lol) – but those are stories for other blogs!

we’ll be reviewing lots of stuff soon, mods and ejuices and promise 100% honesty – whether you’re a long time Vapor (well done you) just starting out (welcome and congrats) part time Vapor (bite the bullet…you know you want to) or just thinking about switching to vaping (if we can you can) Mr and Mrs Vapes invite you to join us on our cloud chasing ride!

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