imageΩ Part 3 in this awesome saga of ohm made sauce……next up is “dragon berry” 🐉🐲

So the 3rd juice we tried was dragon berry, we could take a guess at this flava and this isn’t mr v’s flava profile so this one is over to Mrs v ( it’s good to have two views on juices )

The juice came in the 10ml bottle and was clear in colour, and when you open the bottle for the smell test the dragon fruit is very detectable ( a bit strong ) with the under tones of the berry ( I like me a dragon fruit) with a slight cream there so again new cotton and on we go…….

this juice really surprised me, as I said the dragon fruit smell was quite strong on the smell test but on 1st inhale it’s the berries that shine through with a touch of cream to take away the sharpness then on exhale there it was the big bad dragon flava reared up with an awesome taste, surprised but love the freshness of this it definitely a beach vape, SUN SEA SAND AND DRAGON BERRY, this bottle was gone in a day just couldn’t put it down, transport yourself to a beach with this juice😎😎

This juice is a slightly different vg/pg this one a 70/30 which is my preference (I like a small throat hit compared to mr v who loves his clouds) but you still get awesome clouds, the bottles have the same warnings and your vg/pg is clearly marked on the bag it arrives in

would Mrs v buy this off the shelf? Of course I really enjoyed this juice very refreshing loved it, great fruit flava one to enjoy!!!  However I can’t find this flavour on the website today…..wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sold out – it’s that good!

another great flava billy your line is Fantastic!  Well done!  If you decide to buy any of these juices we assure you will not be disappointed!!Ω